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A Guide to Scottish Cuisine

Scottish food doesn't get a lot of hype because there aren't many eateries that specialize in the cuisine. The truth is that Scottish food is actually a hidden gem on the culinary scene. Though Scottish fare is somewhat similar to Anatomy of a Hand-Crafted Cocktail British and general European cuisine, it certainly has its own unique attributes and recipes. Scotland's considerable breadth of unique game, fruit, vegetables, fish and dairy products play a major part in this ethnic cuisine's identity. Sure, the food might be a bit simple yet it tastes quite delicious.

Scottish Breakfast

Spend a day in a Scottish Bed & Breakfast and you will be offered a traditional Scottish breakfast of egg, sausage, bacon, potato scones and black pudding (blood sausage). Some Scots opt for porridge or fish for breakfast. Popular varieties of fish in this part of the world include smoked haddock, kedgeree and kippers. There is nothing better than a hot up of tea or coffee to wash down your Scottish breakfast. Scots take their tea strong. Most mix in a good portion of milk.

Scottish Lunch and Snacks

Scots are known as practical people who are content with a delicious sandwich for lunch. Some prefer a cup or bowl of a hearty soup, especially in the winter months. Other Scottish lunch options include steak pie and chips or scampi with chips. Just about all varieties of lunch are accompanied with chips of some sort. Deep fried battered fish with a side of chips is one of the most common Scottish lunch/dinner options. This tasty combination is commonly referred to as a “fish supper”, even if it is downed at the lunch hour.

Scottish Dinner

Aside from the aforementioned deep fried battered fish, Scots love everything from haggis suppers to simple hamburgers. Plenty of Scottish entrees are deep fried. Scotland is actually the home of the infamous deep fried Mars bar. Though a side of chips is quite commonly consumed along with Scottis entrees, some substitute a baked potato to complement the main course. In terms of beverages to wash down these tasty delights, most Scots opt for beer or wine. In terms of beers, lager is the most popular option along with cask-conditioned real ales. The national drink of Scotland is whiskey. Another popular refreshment for the dinner hour is alcopops. These are bottles of sweet tasting fruit drinks with gin or vodka mixed in.

McWethy's Tavern's Delicious Scottish Fare

Our Scottish restaurant Romeoville has all sorts of Scottish dishes that you and your family will love. Come on in and you will feel as though you are sitting in a traditional Scottish restaurant in the United Kingdom's northernmost country. Our Scotch Egg with a whole grain mustard sauce, pickled red onion and arugula is the perfect way to start your meal. Or, opt for the Scottish Ale Mussels & Frites made with Brewdog Ale, garlic, parsley and grilled toast. For entrees, we have a succulent Shepherd's Pie, a lovely Roasted Sugar & Spice Salmon, Apricot & Rosemary Roasted Cornish Hen and so much more. If you prefer steak, take your pick from our 8 ounce Filet Mignon, our 14 ounce New York Strip, our 20 ounce Bone-In Ribeye, our 28 ounce Porterhouse or our 24 ounce Twin Cut Pork Chop. We also serve a divine Lamb Shank entree with spinach and rich mashed potatoes.


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