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A World Class Cocktail Bar, Steps Away from the Green

Hail the coming of Spring at McWethy's Tavern, an Illinois Cocktail bar where you can experience a taste of the British Isles and share cheers in good company. At the Tavern, you will enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of a pub plus the five-star service of a fine dining restaurant. Spring and St. Patrick's Day are right around the corner, and you can step off the golf course to celebrate the greenest time of the year here.

World Class Scottish Cuisine

Chef Mark Angeles has decades of experience creating authentic ethnic cuisine and, at McWethy's, is bringing a Scottish table to life. Drop by for a visit and experience the cuisine that kept the Scots strong:

Start your meal with a tangy scotch egg with mustard and pickled onion followed by a bowl of the soup of the day. You're in good hands here; Chef Mark Angeles has carefully chosen every day's flavor profile inspired by his years of experience cooking fine Scottish cuisine. For a substantial entree, you can't go wrong with ale-battered fish and chips, or what could be more traditional than shepherd's pie? Don't miss out on dessert at McWethy's, either. One memorable option is Eli's Cheesecake, featuring a buttery shortbread crust and a dash of vivid, tart raspberry sauce.

St. Patrick’s Day at McWethy’s Tavern

St. Patrick's Day is coming up soon, that legendary holiday where people celebrate their Irish and Scottish heritage by seeking out good brews and good company. McWethy's celebrates this legendary Saint and traveler with a wide selection of holiday specials. St. Patrick's Day is an especially busy time in the restaurant, so don't delay in making a reservation.

And what will you drink during this celebration of the Old World? Whatever you like. Name it, and McWethy's probably has it. We offer ales, lagers, stouts, and more. The very best brews that the United States and the Old Continent have to offer. Don't miss out on a thick, creamy glass of traditional Guinness, or a lighter, fragrant imported cider. We also have scotch and bourbon whiskey and a wine menu with a wide representation of vintages.

McWethy’s Signature Cocktails

For the adventurous at heart, take a look at McWethy's signature cocktail menu. Some notable options include McWethy's Whiskers, a fiery infusion of gin, vermouth, and orange flavors. Don't forget to try the intriguing Sherlock & Watson, a pairing of Bourbon and Absinthe balanced with Vermouth, bitters, and a lemon twist.

Have a special event coming? Make it a memorable one at McWethy's Tavern, the best cocktail bar Romeoville, IL has to offer. Contact us today to book the McWethy's Tavern or the Great Hall at Mistwood for your next special occasion.


1700 West Renwick Road, Romeoville, IL 60446