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A Day's Worth of Perfect Meals for Golfers

Every seasoned golfer knows that a full eighteen holes is an all-day affair, and even those who feel ready to take on this challenge understand that it is a true feat of endurance. Just like any athlete, keeping your body and mind fully fueled is of the utmost importance. But rather than carbo-loading the night before your game, like a runner of football player, golfers need to think about what they’ll be eating before, during, and after their performance.


Still the most important meal of the day for golfers, a good breakfast is a surefire way to forecast a good day of golf. If you are playing in the morning, try to eat two hours before taking your first swing and stick to healthy foods that will get your body running at optimal efficiency. Wheat toast with a bit of natural peanut butter will give you all the fiber and protein you’ll need, while a couple scrambled eggs with some sautéed vegetables will round out the meal. An orange or banana on the side will help deliver some much-needed vitamins to your system as well.


It won’t take long before you burn through your breakfast, and you’ll quickly be wondering what to munch on while waiting for the rest of your group to take their turns. When it comes to hydration, there is really only one option worth mentioning: pure water. Some sports drinks can deliver extra energy and nutrients to your system, but nothing does a better job at quenching your thirst than simple H2O.

For food, snacking every hour or so is a good rule of thumb while golfing. Just like with breakfast, sticking to high fiber, high protein foods will have the most impact. Protein bars can be a good option, as long as you stay away from varieties that are over-saturated with sugar. Otherwise, nuts and dried fruit are good choices.

Lunch and dinner

After all your energy is spent, nothing feels better than celebrating with a high-class meal and some quality drinks. If you’re playing at the Mistwood Golf Club, McWethy’s Tavern is the perfect place to get your fix. You can enjoy the best salads, sandwiches, steaks, and more, all fit for the discerning palates of golfers. And there is no reason why you have to break your protein-driven athlete’s diet either, with dishes like Roasted Sugar & Spice Salmon, Apricot & Rosemary Roasted Cornish Hen, or your choice cut of steak.

It is important to remember that food is about feeding your mind as well as your body. That’s why finding time to unwind after your eighteen holes is an absolute must. A full menu of cocktails, beer, and after dinner drinks will ensure that you find a way to let loose after playing so hard. After a day or two of rest, and a consistent diet, you'll be ready to hit your favorite course with all the energy and skill of a pro golfer.


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